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I am a self-taught full-stack developer who enjoys building things that live on the internet. I develop exceptional websites and webapps that provide intuitive, pixel-perfect user interfaces with efficient and modern back-ends. In addition to that, I can maintain any website while making sure it has a fair chance when it comes to SEO. Need proof? Test my site.

My Experience . . .





Full-stack Developer

Oct 2020 - Present

At Crescent, I handle all the client projects that have a web development aspect. From development down to the depths of SEO. I work closely with the creative director to make sure that the final product is exactly as the client wants.

Full-stack Developer

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020

At ICreations designs, my main responsibility was handling all the development side given that the design team provided ready designs. I also did a lot of customization specific to every client. SEO was also a big part of my job description.

WordPress Developer

Sep 2018 - Sep 2019

At IamBrand, I was responsible for all things WordPress. Front and back. I handled everything from theme and plugin customization to maintenance. My official title was webmaster.

Full-stack Developer

Feb 2014 - Present

As a freelance developer, I tackle all things web regardless of the technology used. I have been able to pick up a couple of technologies over the years and that makes me flexible when it comes to handling projects with different technologies.

People I've Worked With . . .

Crescent360 Freshly Icreations Remodel
Dafrao IamBrand E-Pro Triunity

What Clients Say . . .

To me, Samuel came highly recommended. Skeptical as I was, I decided to contract him to build my site. This was the best decision I made. He demonstrated high levels of professionalism and skill in problem solving. He never backed down from any challenge and he always made sure I was aware of the progress. He made sure that I understood the different aspects of my project. The best part is that he always made sure I was comfortable to voice my suggestions. I am happy to recommend his services.

Jackie Keya

Founder @ Blended Families

Fantastic work! I am just impressed by the quality of his service and working strategy. I hired him for the development of my online store and he satisfied me to the fullest by delivering an exceptional solution. His expertise in the field makes him a qualified candidate for my future projects. I highly respect his talent, perfectionism and above all, his dedication to me, as a client. I can't think of anyone else who could have handled this gig better than he did. Contact him. You won't regret it.

Ibrahim Oduor

C.E.O @ Dafrao International ltd

This guy is absolutely the best in development. I hired him to build my blog website from scratch with all my requirements and preferences. He understood everything very easily and also recommended better alternatives wherever possible. He was very helpful from the first interaction to the launch of the website. Through discovery, design, and development, he ensured top quality, timely delivery, and satisfactory support till the end of the project. I highly recommend his services to others.

Arlene Ayira

Social Media Manager @ Ngamia

I have had the opportunity to interact and collaborate with Sam on a few projects, and I can boldly say that he is very professional and implements projects from start to finish. He is built on a foundation of good work ethic. His approach to projects in different levels is impeccable in terms of strategy and execution. He lays down the different avenues and leaves the final say to me ( as the client ). I can be totally hands off and still trust that I will be happy in the end. He remains my goto developer.

Dennis Mwongera

Junior Developer @ The Open Institute

Sam is a creative guy. He is humble, hardworking, highly involved, professional, and very easy to work with. My experience working with him is beyond words because I got more than I expected. The discovery process alone leaves you feeling well taken care of as he takes you through the important details of your project. I am very happy to have worked with him enough to recommend his services to others. When it comes to all things web, he is the guy you need, for his work ethic if not for anything else.

Emery Uwimana

C.E.O @ EproRecords

Samuel Martins is a talented and extraordinary developer whose engagement is as professional as it is friendly. Very few developers are able to tie a UI/UX developer and designer to their imagination's limit, as he never disappoints when it comes to bringing out design replicas in custom code if required. His vast experience and knowledge base in web development also makes him a sound consultant on what makes your online home, home. Get in touch with him for your next project. This is the developer you've been missing.

Kevin Mbacha

UI/UX Designer @ Linksoft Integrated Systems

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